Grants and Compliance Manager


Grants and Compliance Manager

Grants and Compliance Manager

    October 1, 2021    By admin

  •   Full Time
  •   Nashville, TN

Salary Range:                   $59,000 – $66,000


The Grants and Compliance Manager supports TPCA by managing overall grant application efforts, optimizing the grant administration process, supporting the financial stability and growth of TPCA by planning strategies to diversify and increase funding for various projects and priorities, ensuring compliance with grant regulations, educating staff on grants management policies and procedures, and assisting in preparing reports. The Grants and Compliance Manager will also be responsible for ensuring that TPCA is in compliance with legal, regulatory, and programmatic requirements.


Essential Duties:


Duty 1: Identify Funding Opportunities and Manage TPCA Grant Submissions
  1. Collaborate with organizational departments and TPCA leadership to identify activities and programs that require additional funding support.
  2. Identify funding opportunities, including federal, state, and private grants, to meet organizational needs; research feasibility, TPCA eligibility, and benefit with support of Finance Director.
  3. Assist the Finance Director to plan diversification of funding strategies including direct and indirect cost allocations, staffing resource needs and impact on overall budget, and proactively identifying data requirements for key performance indicators to demonstrate TPCA’s value for use in enhancing the organization’s ability to secure new and sustain current funding.
  4. Provide project management to TPCA staff regarding new funding opportunities; organize materials, draft timelines, manage deadlines, and provide support to staff as they write and submit grants and contracts.
  5. Furnish prospective funders with supporting documents.


Duty 2: Ensure Effective Grant Programs through Supportive Grants Management
  1. Optimize the grant administration process; support grant documentation integrity, manage timelines and deliverables, assist with reporting processes, assist in prior approval requests, and post-award management and records retention.
  2. Participate in meetings with Federal grant Project Officers and Grants Management Specialists and other grant-funding agencies to ensure changes needed in the grant administration process are planned and implemented.
  3. Assist the Finance Director and organizational departments in developing and managing budgets that meet grants management needs, including monitoring funded projects to prevent over-expenditure of funds, ineligible expenditures, and ensure awards are fully expended.
  4. Assist in the preparation of documentation and materials for site visits and/or audits from state or federal funders and other grant funding agencies.


Duty 3: Ensure that TPCA is in compliance with legal, regulatory, and programmatic requirements
  1. Serve as lead on organizational compliance; develop expertise on organizational compliance issues, lead the TPCA Compliance Team.
  2. Manage compliance responsibilities for each grant the organization receives; maintain compliance checklists for federal, state, and other grant funding sources; conduct and document new grant audits to ensure TPCA compliance.
    1. Assist Finance Director in bridging program and grant compliance with financial compliance by assisting in budgeting, tracking, and reporting effort, receipts, and expenditures for each grant program.
    2. Meet with Program Directors to discuss program compliance and related issues.
  3. Stay abreast of relevant program and public policy changes by subscribing to and reading journals and newsletters, participating in meetings with funders and partners, and attending trainings and webinars.
  4. Manage contracts, agreements, amendments, MOUs, NDAs, etc. for grants and all aspects of TPCA business, including unrestricted funding, vendors, and any other TPCA business-related needs. This includes reviewing and assisting staff with drafting contracts, ensuring documentation is complete, assisting with contract monitoring, and alerting TPCA points of contact when contracts are renewing or need action.
  5. Review and document new compliance requirements in light of current practices; manage the Compliance Team to develop new processes or activities to meet new requirements.
  6. Work with CEO to develop and maintain organizational policies and procedures to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and programmatic requirements.
  7. Produce an annual written report based on audit and risk assessment findings and remediation progress.
  8. Work with TPCA’s Training and Strategic Initiatives Director to complete the annual NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) assessment and address areas where improvement is needed.
  9. Work with Training and Strategic Initiatives Director to monitor TPCA compliance with HIPAA privacy policies and procedures.
  10. Manage processes that ensure grant compliance including but not limited to procurement, internal exclusion and debarment, contract management, and annual audits.


Duty 4: Supports TPCA Team Work by Supporting TPCA Policies, Procedures, and Participating in Staff Activities
  1. Maintain knowledge of TPCA policies, procedures, and software.
  2. Participate in TPCA staff huddles, functional teams, staff meetings and pertinent conferences and meetings.
  3. Complete TPCA-related forms and activities such as timesheets/activity reporting, leave requests, and travel forms, including travel authorizations, expense reports and documentation within the timeframes set in TPCA procedures.
  4. Provide staff support at Association sponsored events, such as the Annual Conference and President’s Dinner.
  5. Perform other tasks and duties as identified by the immediate supervisor.


Minimum Requirements:
  • A Bachelor’s degree in related field
  • At least three years of experience with grant and/or contract management and demonstrated ability to interpret federal or state regulatory language and translate into an easily digestible format
  • Specific experience with Federal health grants (HRSA, CDC, NIH, etc.) preferred
  • Knowledge of Federal Financial Grants Management (Uniform Grants Guidance) and accounting practices preferred
  • A demonstrated ability to manage personally identifiable information (PII) and other confidential business information with integrity and confidentiality


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Organized with attention to detail.
  • Methodical and strategic approach to work.
  • Ability to provide a high level of customer service and support with a professional and supportive demeanor.
  • Ability to manage several projects concurrently with varying timelines and adapt to changes in project requirements and/or the work environment.
  • Ability to work collaboratively within a team.
  • Ability to communicate and work effectively with other staff, members, community-based organizations, health center staff, customer/vendors/client groups.
  • Proficient computer skills, particularly with software in Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Able to quickly and easily learn new technology solutions to apply to grant applications and grants management.


Work Environment (includes physical requirements):
  • Office environment.
  • Prolonged sitting, use of computer, monitor, and keyboard; occasionally lifting of lightweight boxes.


Position Type and Schedule
  • Full-time Exempt
  • 40 hours a week


Contact Information and Procedure:

Interested candidates should apply by submitting their application in TPCA’s online application system by November 15, 2021. Apply here.


The position will remain open until filled by an excellent candidate. No email applications or applications in any other system will be accepted; no telephone inquiries, please.


Tennessee Primary Care Association

710 Spence Lane

Nashville, TN 37217

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