The Tennessee Latin American Chamber of Commerce is a professional development and networking organization whose singular focus is to enable economic development opportunities for its members through economic and educational resources.

We are a business organization, not a political organization. As a business organization, TLACC supports public policy that encourages economic development and growth opportunities for entrepreneurs, whether small business owners or large corporations.

In that spirit TLACC recognizes that we are a nation of laws, and also recognizes that we are a nation of immigrants. We believe that this broken immigration system is in dire need of a comprehensive overhaul. It is also our belief that the priorities in the new system should be family reunification, a path to permanent residency for undocumented workers and entrepreneurs, and a legal orderly path for immigrants who will come in the future to meet the labor needs of the country.

Specifically, TLACC supports:

– That all undocumented workers in this country should, once a system is operative and available, begin the process of seeking legal status in the United States.

– That there must be better and broader understanding of the economic impact (both positive and negative) of the presence of recent immigrants, and the undesirable economic and social consequences of wholesale deportation.

– Supporting legislation and policy that ensures every student has access to affordable, quality post-secondary education.