The TLACC ELLA program is designed to help female entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs advance in business. With the mentorship of industry experts and leaders, the program guides participants step-by-step to achieve a specific goal set by them.

ELLA participants meet with their mentors once a month as a group and individually with each mentor during the eight-month program. Participants who complete the mentorship program including the final reports, attend meetings and TLACC networking events are eligible to receive prizes provided by TLACC members as well as qualify to be the recipient of a cash award sponsored by HCA Tri Star Health.

The mentorship program includes workshops and one-one-one sessions on, how to write a business plan, how to create a website, how to use quickbooks, how to use social media, how to invoice clients, how to use Microsoft office, and how to become certify as a Minority Business Enterprise.

Although the mentorship program has no cost tot the participants, all ELLA participants and mentors must be members of the TLACC.

To learn more or to be considered for the program, please send an email to: