As we continue to grow and add more programs and events to serve our members and sponsors, we need you, our members, to become more involved. The TLACC Board has created several committees in which our members can serve and help us continue our work. Each committee will be comprised of at least one Chair and three members. 
If you are interested in serving in one of the committees, please email us at chamber@tlacc.org. We will contact you to have a one-on-one meeting with the committee chair and me. Once all the committees are set up and have the number of members needed, we will announce a meeting to go over ground rules, and policies and procedures for each committee.  
Participation in a committee is reserved to TLACC members in good standing.
Events and Marketing Committee
Gives advice and helps implement the expansion of TLACC events, programs, and marketing plans.
Alliance Committee
Continues to build alliances and programming with TLACC organization partners in the State of Tennessee and beyond.
Membership and Sponsorship Committee
Gives advice and leads membership recruitment programs and develops business opportunities to engage new sponsors.
Finance Committee
Gives advice in developing the long-range financial plan for the TLACC and the annual operating budget in concert with the Executive Committee.
Policies and Procedures Advisory Committee
Serves as an ad-hoc committee that oversees the TLACC as a legal entity and provides leadership for any board by-law changes.