As we continue to grow and add more programs and events to serve our members and sponsors, we need you, our members, to become more involved. The TLACC Board of Directors has created several committees in which our members can serve and help us continue our work. Each committee will be comprised of at least one Chair and three members.

Participation in a committee is reserved to TLACC members in good standing.


  • Promotes interaction between other Chambers/Business groups and or organizations with TLACC.
  • Report on collaboration work to Board.
  • Attend events of other entities when feasible.
  • Build cross programs and or events with other groups.
  • Maintain records of all alliances including E.L.L.A., FUTURO,Inc., and other alliance partners.
  • Tracks membership levels and organizes a membership drive at least once per year.
  • Establishes membership growth goals and reports on the progress.
  • Seek out new sponsorship candidates and develop customize sponsorship presentations.
  • Formally welcome new members and sponsors to TLACC.
  • Monitors membership renewals and manages reach out program for higher member retention.
  • Advises the board on the financial goals of the annual campaign.
  • Facilitates Board members and other volunteers in event activities.
  • Manages Activity calendar for the organization.
  • Sets up and coordinates major events.
  • Manages networking events to include luncheon, business after hour, and community co-sponsor events.
  • Develops/oversees, marketing/promotional materials as they relate to events.
  • Coordinates the identification, cultivation, recruitment, and orientation of new Board members.
  • Re-nominates sitting Board Members.
  • Nominates potential board members for vacant or transitional positions.
  • Facilitates board self-assessment and outlines expectations for Board members.
  • Identifies the board’s needs for education and training and designs programming to meet those needs.
  • Delfine Fox, Karla Vazquez, Claudia Barajas, Ivan Figueredo, Leslie Hayes, Ralph Levy
  • Coordinates, with the board chair, the work of the board, including directing committee work, determining the annual board calendar, and setting the agenda for board meetings.
  • Acts in place of the board between board meetings in the manner prescribed by the bylaws and as expressly delegated by the board, reporting any actions to the board in a timely fashion.
  • Develops general direction of the organization to present to the Board.
  • Reviews annual budget prior to submittal to the Board for approval.
  • Serves as an ad-hoc committee that oversees the chambers as a legal entity.
  • Provides leadership for any board by-law changes.
  • Develops the long-range financial plan and yearly operational budget in concert with Executive Committee, including setting membership/sponsorship levels for board approval.
  • Monitors the implementation of the budget.
  • Makes periodic reports to the board on the chamber financial status.
  • Educates the board on nonprofit financial reporting and trends affecting the Chamber’s finances.
  • Sets and evaluates financial aid policy for E.L.L.A. and the likes.
  • Recommends the independent auditor for board approval.
  • Works with the auditor to establish the scope of the audit.
  • Reviews the recommendations for improving internal controls as noted in the auditor’s management letter.
  • Recommends approval of the annual audit to the board.
  • Monitors the implementation of the recommendations of the management letter.
  • Oversees the chamber major business and operational risks to assure the board that the risks are being identified and managed appropriately.

Our Programs are Possible in Part Thanks to our Sponsors

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