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Signage at all other TLACC networking events (After-hours mixers, workshops, breakfast meetings)

Mentioned as a sponsor in all TLACC Networking lunch programs & power point presentations

10 seats at every Networking lunch

5 seats at every Networking lunch

3 seats at every Networking lunch

Presenting sponsor of all Business RoundAbouts

Presenting sponsor of all Tour of Latin American After-Hours Mixers

Presenting sponsor of the members orientation breakfasts (1 to 2 per year)

Opportunity to distribute marketing information about your company at Networking lunches

Featured sponsor of one networking lunch event with the opportunity to address the attendees. (Average of 120 attendees per lunch). Mention and logo on e-mail and social media invitation to the Networking lunch.

Signage/banners & booth space at all TLACC Networking lunches

TLACC Marketing:

Mention as a sponsor with logo on all TLACC event related email correspondence

Mentioned as a sponsor in all printed TLACC marketing material

Banner ad on TLACC website home page with link

Logo displayed on TLACC’s website home page with link to

Logo and short descritpion on sponsor page in the TLACC website

Logo displayed on TLACC membership and RSVP software home page (Wild Apricot)

Logo displayed on Job Postings Page on TLACC’s website with link to company's career page

Share posts about sponsor on all TLACC Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube)

Logo at the closing of all event videos posted on Youtube TLACC channel

Featured sponsor of the TLACC YouTube channel (Logo on header art of YouTube channel)

Opportunity to post your events on TLACC website calendar and be sent via e-mail to all TLACC's contact list and shared on social media platforms. (examples: Conexion Americas annual Hispanic Heritage Month party, TPAC and Nashville Opera performances)

Opportunity to reach members of the TLACC partner organizations: East TN Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, National Hispanic Professional Organization-Memphis Chapter

and the Black & Latino Alliance in Atlanta

Share company's press releases, awards or recognitions on the "In the News" page on the TLACC website

Six-month review meeting

ELLA Program:

Mention as sponsor of the ELLA Women in Business Mentorship Program page on TLACC's website (NEW TLACC program)

Presenting sponsor of ELLA inaugural event

Logo on ELLA marketing material

Presenting sponsor of ELLA awards event

Feauture sponsor of ELLA awards event

FUTURO Program:

Access to promote internship opportunities (website, e-mails, social media)

Signage at all national FUTURO Networking events (Two per year; Spring and Fall)

Mentioned as a sponsor in all FUTURO marketing materials (page on TLACC's website, FUTURO website & annual report)

Opportunity to host a FUTURO national conference (Two per year; Spring and Fall)

Opportunity to sponsor FUTURO workshops (Four per year)

Opportunity to have a booth to recruit interns and/or employees at FUTURO national conferences

Presenting sponsor of all FUTURO events and testimonial videos (Posted on TLACC YouTube Channel and social media platforms)

Presenting sponsor of FUTURO's YouTube channel

Review meeting with sponsor every six months

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