The TLACC ELLA program is designed to serve women entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs, and help them advance in business. With the mentorship of industry experts and leaders, the program will guide participants step-by-step to achieve a specific goal.


The ELLA participants and mentors must be members of the TLACC.


Each ELLA participant will be partnered with one to three mentors according to the expertise needed to achieve the specified goal.


ELLA participants and their

mentors will meet a minimum

of 25 hours in a period of eight

months. ELLA participants

who complete the mentorship

program will be eligible

to receive one of several cash

or in-kind awards sponsored

by TLACC members.


TLACC women entrepreneur

and micro-entrepreneur members must register to participate in the ELLA program. In the application, they will choose three areas of need for which mentors will be identified and assigned.


Each participant, with the help of each mentor, will complete a form and together specify the desired goal.  During their one-on-one meetings, they will determine clear steps to achieve the established goal and follow a step-by-step plan.


The mentorship process will be a minimum of 25 hours and a maximum of 40 hours in a period of eight months. During those eight months, the participants and mentors must complete a total of four progress reports. This will help the TLACC assess meetings, advancement of the goal and time invested. It will also keep the participants and mentors accountable, so that no one is wasting anyone's valuable time.


Participants who complete the program, including, the reports, will be eligible to enter the award selection process.

"Being a part of the Ella program has giving me the support and inspiration to go out there and fulfill my purpose. For that I'm eternally grateful."


Rachel Rodriguez

Singer - Songwriter

Meet Our ELLA Mentors

Lori Adukeh

Jessie Barrera

Phillip M. Connelly

Delfine Fox

Marcela Gómez

Leslie Hayes

Collin Luibl

Tracy Lopez

Lisa O'Dell

Javier Solano

The ELLA program is possible with the collaboration and sponsorship of:

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