Claudia Barajas

Board Member

Nonprofit Leadership

Community Volunteer and Advocate

Claudia Barajas is from Ibague, Colombia, and has a degree in Computer Engineering. From May 1994 to June 2015, Claudia worked for the Latino Community Development Agency (LCDA) in Oklahoma where she accepted high levels of responsibility and performed with excellence. Claudia has demonstrated wonderful people skills and has earned the respect of individuals and partner organizations.

Due to her knowledge in the area of information technology (IT), she gladly assumed responsibility for establishing the IT department for the LCDA while simultaneously working in growing the health programs. With very limited resources, she assisted the agency in using technology that greatly enhanced their programmatic and administrative capacity.


Her devotion to her duties, her creativity in developing programs, and her ability to identify and attain funding sources gradually began expanding the health services that LCDA could offer to the community. In recognition for her total commitment to excellence, she was promoted to Director of Health Programs in 2006. Since then, she has become the advocate for the Latino community in relation to health issues in Oklahoma. Due to her efforts, she was invited to serve in important health initiatives such as: the Health Disparities for Minorities Task Force, the American Heart Association, and Turning Point, a statewide health planning effort led by the Department of Health. Her input has opened doors to health care for the Latino community in Oklahoma.


In 2009, Claudia moved to the state of Tennessee and the LCDA realized that replacing her would be difficult due to her excellent performance. Considering her personal ethics, accountability, and outstanding performance, the LCDA decided to maintain this working relationship creating a mutual agreement that Claudia will be physically present at the LCDA one week per month. The rest of the time, she directed her employees and programs remotely from Tennessee. The LCDA health programs continued to grow and flourish under her leadership and this innovative work arrangement. Her performance has been recognized at the national level. Due to this honor, she has been invited to speak as an expert on Latino health issues. Most recently, the LCDA’s health programs were awarded one of the most prestigious national health awards. The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the most powerful Latino national advocacy organization, awarded the LCDA’s health programs with the Dr. Helen Rodriguez-Trias Health Award during their 2012 Annual Conference. This award recognizes excellence and effectiveness in health services to the community. Competition for this award is nationwide and includes over 350 NCLR affiliates.


Recently Claudia received certification in Nonprofit Leadership from the Center for Nonprofits and Management in Nashville and has become a community volunteer and advocate for nonprofit organizations that have the mission to serve the health, social, and educational needs of the Latino Community in Middle Tennessee. Claudia’s community involvement includes working with several local organizations including the Tennessee Cancer Coalition and Tennessee Latin American Chamber of Commerce. She is also a board member for Neighborhood Health. With all of these selfless and admirable qualities, Claudia is currently operating her family business, BarSal Properties. Claudia and her husband Jimmy have 3 sons and enjoy learning about new technologies, music and art and cooking with the family.

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