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FUTURO Leaders

The Tennessee Latin American Chamber of Commerce (TLACC) founded in 1999 is a non-for-profit organization headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.


TLACC provides its members with the leadership and support required to create opportunities for Latino-owned companies, Latino professionals, and students, while also opening new markets for non-Latino organizations willing to become engaged with the growing Latino markets.


TLACC believes in collaborations and alliances to advance achievement in education, healthcare, and business development in the Latino communities in Tennessee.



◦ Procure and manage the resources needed for normal operation of the chamber.


◦ Create value in the organization to attract new members while preserving the existing members.


◦ Recruit companies, organizations, and individuals to become members of the Chamber.


◦ Assume a leadership role regarding issues involving the Latin business community.

Board of Members

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